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  • Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!

    Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!

  • Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!

    Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!

  • Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!

    Supplying Melbourne homes with the best systems available at the best prices!



Taking care of your heating and cooling needs from the very beginning.


Our highly trained service team can repair existing heating and cooling units.
Customer Support

Customer Support

Making sure everything remains in perfect, working order and the customer is satisfied.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Installation

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Refrigerated Air Conditioning Installation Services

At BoutiqueAir, we offer a wide range of professional and affordable heating and air conditioning services. Not only do we service residential customers in Melbourne, but we also provide commercial and industrial customers with the best possible workmanship and service when it comes to all kinds of installation, repair and maintenance issues.

Due to the increased scale and demand required of commercial and industrial systems, HVAC systems for these applications differ when compared with a home air conditioning system.

If you operate a large commercial building or an industrial facility, it’s likely that you want a refrigerated air conditioner rather than a traditional air conditioner. These are a lot more complicated than a traditional system and can be scaled up to cater for the needs of very large industrial systems.

As Melbourne’s fastest growing air conditioning company, we offer a full range of refrigerated air conditioning services, from installation, maintenance, and repair.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

When it comes to air conditioning and refrigeration at an industrial level, a system needs to have the capacity to deal with the extra strain that will be placed on it.

Refrigeration air conditioning has the ability to keep your employees cool, even if your operating temperature is some 200 degrees. As you might imagine, you need a really heavy-duty system to be able to handle this kind of heat.

Many of these refrigerated air conditioner systems will also be required to function in corrosive environments and the need to withstand these demands is imperative to keep your system running at optimal level.

We’re the most trusted name in Melbourne for refrigerated air conditioning services and our team can offer you the best AC installation, repair and maintenance services the city has to offer.

Choose the Professionals You Can Trust

Since these systems are a lot more sophisticated and complex than a traditional air conditioning system, hiring the services of a professional refrigerated air conditioning installation company is essential. For that, we’ve got you covered.

Our team has over fifty years of collective experience in this industry and has the skills to help you out with all of your refrigeration and air conditioning requirements. We’re available by phone at 03 9587 7489 so just give us a call, tell us what you need help with and we’ll tailor our services to ensure that your needs are looked after.

Boutique Air are you air conditioning installation Melbourne company specialising in refrigerated cooling installation, commercial air conditioning installation, duct cleaning in Melbourne, ducted gas heating installation, air conditioning repair & split system installation services.

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About boutiqueAir

Our unique process...

Our unique process…

boutiqueAir is quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s largest and most reliable air-conditioning and heating specialists. We can handle all your air-conditioning sale, installation and service needs. We cater to both families and businesses, and have a wide range of experience in domestic, business and industrial heating and cooling.

At boutiqueAir, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and team. We are able to tailor-make a solution for whatever your needs might be. Our consultants and service operators are devoted to finding and installing the perfect system for your unique needs. Our highly skilled and highly trained maintenance team will then make certain that every part of your system remains in proper working order. We have the latest in heating and cooling from Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Brivis, Temperzone and Hitachi giving you and expansive range of options and ensuring you only receive the system which is right for you.

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System Installations

Proper installation of the right system is the first step to ensuring the perfect heating and cooling for your family or business.

At boutiqueAir, we take pride in our high quality of workmanship. Our highly trained installation team will make sure that your system is installed correctly to ensure it starts and remains in perfect working order.


Once your system has been installed, regular maintenance will ensure it remains working just as well as the day it was installed. Our service team members are highly skilled and highly trained. They will take care of your heating and cooling system and keep it running perfectly.


Our customer support team will be here for you from the very beginning. They will handle all your bookings and assist you in finding the exact heating and cooling systems that work for your needs and your budget.


Our tailor-made solutions will give you the best air conditioning system for your family at the best price. Our wide range of expertise will make sure that you get the right heating and cooling system for you.


By installing the correct air conditioning system in your place of business, you will be creating a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. This will ensure greater levels of satisfaction for you, your customers and your team members.


Whether your business takes place in a factory or a warehouse, when machinery is running, things heat up very quickly. Installing industrial heating and cooling units to maintain temperature guarantee not only greater productivity, but a safer and more comfortable workspace.